RIVERINE Training Education and research Consultancy


RITER Consultancy Services provides overall management services to run a training institute of Inland Water Transport (IWT) efficiently and to develop a centre of excellence for the sector.

1. Training & Examination Processes:

   GP rating course.

   Preparatory courses for COC examinations.

   Customized courses for IWT sector.

   Customized courses for State disaster management authorities of States (water related).

   Establishing examination process for Certificate of Competencies (COC).

2. Course material Development:

       Course handouts for GP rating Course & preparatory courses for COC.

       Course material for refresher courses for workforce employed in IWT sector.

       Other customized courses.

    3. Survey of Vessels:

         Training for Survey and registration process of Inland Vessels.

         Training for Survey & registration of country boats.

      4. Passenger Safety / safety of country Boats & waterways:

           Safety audit of country boats & passenger Ferries.

           Training for Safe operation of Country boats.

           Facilitation of designing & construction of country boats.

           Related emergency situations & mitigation.

        5. Risk Analysis & Assessment/Accident investigation:

            Safety of Passengers & Ferries.

             Safety of terminals, waterways.

             Accident investigation related to marine casualties, waterways & terminals.

          6. Recruitment Processes for Faculty & Trainers:

               Recruitment of well qualified, trained and efficient faculty & trainers for IWT sector.